March 16, 2022

A greener way to clean with THYMOX MultiSurface—New JanSan professional eco products

This Spring, Thymox SF, a subsidiary of Laboratoire M2, is thrilled to be launching a new cleaning and disinfecting product in Canada: THYMOX MultiSurface.

THYMOX MultiSurface breaks a new ground by offering a 4-in-1, fast-acting and safe for everyday use product. The product line will include 4 different formats, going from a bulk drum size to a 946 mL ready to use spray bottle.

Hygiene professionals’ disinfecting products line

THYMOX fits into 2 strong buyer trends: the need for highly effective disinfectants that protect against diseases and the desire for non-toxic products that protect users’ health.               
THYMOX is perfect in multiple sectors such as facility maintenance, healthcare, food service, institutional, hospitality, commercial and transportation.

The cleaner that does it all

Thymox MultiSurface is effective on all surfaces, in all spheres of activity. It can be used in medical centers, in educational institutions, in mass transit stations, by janitorial services. Here below are common use sites and not to mention its superior material compatibility.

New distributor in remediation and restoration sector

Thymox SF is proud to partner with Rochester Midland Canada Corporation as a distributor of this products line in the remediation and restoration market.

To learn more about the product features and where to buy, please visit: THYMOXMULTI.COM

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