May 18, 2022

Thymol: a natural and powerful antimicrobial ingredient

Thymox is a line of broad spectrum disinfectants that rely on thymol to kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds. So what is thymol, exactly?

Thymol is derived from thyme oil extracted from the aromatic, ornamental thyme plant found in most people’s herb and spice rack. Thymol is known for its antimicrobial effectiveness and fresh aroma. It is often the active ingredient in disinfectant or antiseptic products (such as Listerine) and the key to their efficacy. Thymol is an active botanical ingredient and an effective, natural alternative to the wide array of often hazardous and common disinfectants available on the market.

Let’s learn a little more about the benefits of thymol.

Thymol: a history of ecological efficiency

Thymol was initially, many decades ago, registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use as an animal repellent. At the time, it was used to safely ward off birds, squirrels, beavers, rats and other unwanted animals.

Today, thymol is also considered a pesticide, i.e., a substance that kills germs including bacteria, fungi, and other plant parasites, and is a key ingredient in Thymox products.

Carefully selected thyme – source and species

We carefully select our thyme plants and species to create the most reliable and effective products possible. The Thymus vulgaris and Thymus zygis species were chosen specifically for their essential oils rich in thymol.

The main bioactive component of Thymus vulgaris is essential oil made up of 20% to 54% thymol.

How thymol kills pathogens

While thymol is safe for user and the environment, it is a natural and highly effective antimicrobial ingredient. So how does this powerful antimicrobial agent actually work? It’s simple: thymol disrupts pathogens’ cell walls and membranes.

Once cell walls and membranes have been damaged and cell content leaks out, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and yeast are killed as they come into contact with the thymol. Now that’s a natural alternative that packs a punch!

Thymol: Is it effective against the COVID-19 virus?

Yes! Thymol in Thymox products kills viruses, including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. A number of our cleaners, including THYMOX MultiSurface, are highly effective in eliminating the COVID-19 virus and other pathogens on objects and surfaces.

Thymox products: a powerful, non-toxic and natural alternative

Thymox technology is at the core of our product development, with non-toxic formulas that are safe for people and the environment—a must-have for all your cleaning needs, whether commercial, institutional or agricultural.

Thymox Control products, along with the complete line of Thymox MultiSurface products, are naturally powerful and easy to use.

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