May 11, 2018

Thymox HOOF: the first footbath solution listed by OMRI Canada and Québec Vrai

Thymox HOOF, the veterinary drug used to control digital dermatitis (DD) has made another important step to help dairy farmers across Canada. The product is now listed by OMRI Canada and Québec Vrai for use in organic dairies.

“Already a breakthrough technology, as the only footbath solution registered by Health Canada as an aid in controlling DD, Thymox HOOF has taken another huge step ahead. Organic dairies can now use Thymox HOOF, it’s effect and nothing like it has ever been available before.” noted Frank Palantoni, CEO of Laboratoire M2.

“No other footbath product allowed under the Canadian Organic Standard are also registered as a drug with Health-Canada“, stated Émilie St-Pierre, who led the listing process, as Head of Regulatory Affairs for Laboratory M2. She added, “Thymox HOOF will also prove to be useful to farmers that wish to comply with the ProAction program“.

“This will be nothing short of a revolution in the hygiene programs of organic dairies“, continued Ulysse Desranleau Dandurand, VP Sales. “Demand was already there: no matter what tradeshow or conference we attended, people were asking if Thymox HOOF could be used on organic dairies. Much of the interest results from the fact that digital dermatitis lesions (also called hairy heel warts or strawberries) are usually treated with antibiotics, however, antibiotics not allowed in organic dairies. Given the efforts to limit antibiotic use in all farms, prevention is even more important than ever today.“

Serge Auray, President and Founder of Laboratoire M2, summarized the accomplishment: “It’s really the realization of our vision: make products that have demonstrated safety and effectiveness available to dairy farmers across Canada. Today, because of Thymox HOOF’s OMRI Canada and Québec Vrai certifications, truly all Canadian dairy farmers have access to a legitimate option to control digital dermatitis.“

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